Brazil Pedra Branca 250g (10.4 EUR)




Farm: Pedra Branca, farmer Rinaldo De Junqueira
Region: Pedralva, Mantiqueira De Minas
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 950-1350 m.n.m
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping. score: 83,5

We don't know if we had to drink enough or mature as persons to like Brazilian coffees but slowly and surely they get into our favor. In general we prefer more naturally processed beans as it enhance the sweetness and heavier body which suits these coffees well! You can find the same in this specific lot which is perfect for those of you who prefer rich body and less fruity notes where the dominant is chocolaty and nutty aroma. Especially if you have some machine capable of creating a decent espresso you gonna love it! This coffee is perfect for it. Anyway you don't have to be shy to brew it as a filter as well but just don't expect any juicy nectar. More likely sweet cacao with soft acidity of citrus, apples and aroma of brazilian nuts.

Roasted whole coffee beans

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