My Daily Mix #6 250g (10.9 EUR)




40% Ethiopia Bookkisa (Gibirinna & Serto (74110 & 74112) / natural)
40% Peru Jaen (Catuai & Mix / washed)
20% Colombia Inza (Mix / washed)

We hesitated for a quite long time if we want to blend. Afterall we realised that we do! You wanted stability and we wanted to play. The blend is exactly the playground where we can do both!

On the first place is the taste profile. Basicly it is about rich sweetness but there is no lack of fruity aroma and nice acidity. Imagine pancaces with every layer spread with different marmalade. Bore is not the case. The advantage of a blend is in its complexity. That’s the point!

As well as our other coffees this is also the omni roast. Therefore you do not have to limit the usage just for an espresso. We drink it on a batch brew every single morning.

However the first thing in the morning is not turning on the espresso machine but a sound system. Music as well as coffee is simply a part of an every day! And this coffee that you are just holding in your hands right now defines the best our custom made playlist. In a basic principle it is also a blend. You are just blending different styles of music instead of coffee. Some part is more sweet and the other is more sharp. Every member of our team took a part in making it and in one hand with the blend also the playlist will vary. So finaly stop dialing just the grinder and dial in Spotify!

Find our Daily Mix #6 playlist here.

MDM is not just a coffee it is a coffee life stye. We start with music however even us do not know where it is going to lead. Take a leap of faith with us!

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