Peru Elvis Tineo Rafael (project Underdog) 250g (12.1 EUR)




Farmer: Elvis Tineo Rafael
Region: El Diamante, Jaen, Cajamarca
Variety: Pache, Catuai, Pacamara
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1900 masl
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping score: 85

About the Underdog project 

Our goal and dream was always to be involved more in what is happening at the farms in the place of origin of our coffees. To have an opportunity influencing the quality of green coffee, gain and give the feedback and to carry out our ideas. Similar vision have also farmers who begin with specialty coffee. They have a great premises however low experience or knowledge. Nevertheless in spite of this they produce fantastic coffees. In symbioses of these thoughts the project Underdog was born. So what’s it all about? This project is about supporting the farmers who ambition to produce microlots under their name but their coffee reach only a cupping score around 85 points. However they have all the necessary conditions, drive and enthusiasm. We want to support them not only with consumption but primarily with finance. We will invest 10 percent of the income from the sales of these coffees back with the farmers. Project Underdog should once serve as an incubator of farmers with who we will gradually build stable and firm relationships. 

Elvis is young 23 years old enthusiast who slowly takes control over the family farm of 3 hectares. His father decided to put his faith in his son and to follow the route to quality and modern trends. Well as far as we are concerned well done, good idea and big respect to both of them! This fella made an impression on us in very first moment we met him when picking him up in front of the electronics store where he was buying an automatic coffee dripper just because he wanted to impress us. He could save those soles because he made it as well as his coffee even without that machine! His dream is that one day somebody will compete with his coffee at the WBC. We take that as a serious challenge for the future and will help him with that gladly! Without any doubt we knew that Elvises coffee must be in the Underdog edition and that we want to finance a drying shelter to him because right now he has only a small place for 1 to 2 microlots which he dries in the attic of the house where the environment is not completely perfect. And because his ambitions go higher that the attic he has an idea of super detailed shelter which will cost twice than an average one - about 1000USD.Do you think we are gonna make it and collect those money for him? We believe that with no problem we will and we are gonna build that super coffee pergola for him! Corona put a break on this whole thing a lot because we thought its gonna be already built however next harvest season 2020/2021 sounds more realistic. But we all have something to look forward to! 

Roasted whole coffee beans

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