Peru Las Pirias 1kg (39.4 EUR)




Farmers: neighbouring Las Pirias
Region: Las Pirias, Chirinos, north-west
Variety: Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 m.n.m
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping. score: 86

The name of this village resonate for sure to some of you. That’s because coffee from Las Pirias was the pilot version of our Underdog edition last year! Also this year we stood faithful to this lot and participating farmers. Group of farmers is different and lot as itself is much bigger than last year (last year 15 bags, this year 26 / 1794 kgs) however the main idea remains which is combination of farmers and their smaller lots which would be not able to export separately. Thanks to this combination system it means more income from the harvest. And we bought the whole lot, obviously.. The participating farmers are:Juan Espinoza Carhuajulca, Edimson Facundo Castillo, Leonardo Peña Manchay, Eli Espinoza Soberon, Lisaura Saucedo Bautista, Jose Albaro Arce Diaz and Jose Osmar Olano Oblitas. 

During our Underdog trip last year we visited the village and met some of the these farmers in person. The village itself is located almost in 2000 masl. deep in the mountains of Chirinos region. That’s one of the reasons why we arrived short before dusk which made the whole scenery much more dramatic and powerful. Steep hills, church, playground, fields with coffee or fruit trees..Speechless beautiful! Before the Sun went down for good Lisaura showed us the whole processing background on their yard and we expained her the whole Underdog project, give her a T-shirt and bag of coffee and take a picture together of course. Her specifically we had to promise when we come back to Peru we have to send her a notice in advance and we gonna make a wholeday fiesta in their yard with neighbours and family. In absolute dark we searched in hurry for Juan Espinoza’s house. He is about 150cm tall, very energetic and proud man about 50 years old. Immediately he invited us inside, put a cattle on fire to make a coffee and he was about to kill a hen which was tied up to pile of wood next to the fireplace in the corner - after all he didn’t do that thanks God. We just sit there and drank coffee together but there is a funny story behind this specific coffee. It was a sample of harvest which he took to Jaen to find out what points it is going to score and it got nice 86 points! Which made him so proud that he took the rest and went immediately to his friend to get the rest roasted (about 500g) for his own home consumption from which he gave us about 100g anyway (into a plastic bag from bread). Juan is studied agronomist and he is very convinced in his skills. Well on us he made a big impression, great guy! 

This coffee is simply our heart and soul and always will be. In matter of taste it is again very balanced and rich. Expect lighter acidity, sweetness going from apples, pears to caramel but also very silky full body (that's why the milkshake in description) and light herbal notes which are kind of specific to Peru.

Roasted whole coffee beans

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