Rwanda Bushoki 1kg (38.7 EUR)




Producer: Iyongera Musaruro Co-op
Region: Rulindo District, northern Rwanda
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1776 m.n.m
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping. score: 85,5

Bushoki is kind of our all star classic between Rwandas and for this year selection was a beautiful contrast for previous Huye Mountain. Therefore this year Rwandan line up reminds the American Civil War - North against South - yes these coffees come from different parts of the country. Moreover it is new school vs. old school thing meaning the contrast between washed processing of Bushoki and new modern semi washed trends of Huye Mountain. 

Which one is your favorite? Even us in the team don't agree with each other however we enjoy the diversity and change in form of beautiful sirupy body and taste of apricots! Pure spring for your taste buds! 

Roasted whole coffee beans

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