The Office 1kg (24.5 EUR)



3/4 Brazil André Sanchez (Catuai & Mundo Novo / natural) 
1/4 Ethiopia Banko Gotiti (Heirloom / natural)

For a long time this had been “speakeasy” product for a corporate clientele but the new Corona virus change it all. Especially the fact that OFFICE is no longer the place out of your home because many of you work from your living room in pajamas. So we decided to follow you ahead! 

So whether you are on home office, do the business from home, want to drink something better with your colleagues then the coffee in your office or you just did not hear about this blend yet, go ahead and grab! In everything we do we follow the same principles so even this blend is an omni roast (suitable for espresso as well as filter) and taste based on our preferences. It is truth that from the first point of choosing the right beans we aim for lower acidity, heavier body and full sweetness with even a bit higher bitterness than you would expect from us however it is kind of a general taste based so no one should be offended by it at all. What more it works really good even on automatic machines. 

The main idea is using so called 2nd grades of coffee separated from the microlots which you can find in our regular production. In practice it means that these are the beans for example of smaller size or smaller density with cupping score about 80 points. However it is from exactly the same farmer, from the same harvest, from the same trees as the beans which get higher points and go to regular line up of single origins (85+). So why do that at all? We could write about this a long article but it all comes from the basic idea of Underdog project which is to support specific farmer as much as we can. Believe us or not but the farmer has an opportunity to sell coffee to us and not in a local market he gets paid much more, he does not have to look for another buyers and together we can develop our mutual relationship and business step by step. SUSTAINABILITY is the pillar we want to lean on. 

Lets simply summarize it! You save quit money and get great coffee which supports even greater purpose - WIN WIN! 

If you are interested in wholesale, feel free to contact us at and we can discuss all the details.

Roasted whole coffee beans

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